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  • Waterproof Block Board
  • Commercial Block Board

Block boards are made from carefully selected high quality seasoned timber. Timber used in the block board is seasoned under controlled temperate and humidity to get uniform moisture. Timber is sterilized during the seasoning to kill wood destroying organisms.

Stringent quality controls maintained to make these block boards absolutely free from corrugation and unevenness. Block boards can be easily laminated without any deformity

Technical Specification
 Density  500Kg/m
 Moisture content  8-10%
 Swelling in water  Less than 1 %
 Adhesion of plies  Excellent
 Modulus of Rupture  Above 4500N / Mn
 Resistance to Boiling

 More than 72 hrs

 Thickness  Size
 19mm  8x4  7x4  6x4  5x4
 8x3  7x3  6x3  5x3
 Thickness  25mm to 35mm
 Length 6  6.25  6.5  6.75  7  8
 Width 2.25  2.5  2.75  3  3.5  4

Is manufacturing from the combination of selected, seasoned and durable hard wood timber battens, and veneers. These are bonded with Urea Melamine Formaldehyde resin high temperature and pressure. The products are of good quality, that they have been certified by ISI mark. Ours is an ISO 9001-2008 Company

Technical Report
 Properties  IS 1659-1990  Tested Results
 Modulus of rupture


 Modulus of elasticity



 Mycological test  No visible sign of separation at edge  Conforms
 Water resistance test  Withstand 3 hours in 600c water  5 hours in 600c water
Salient Features
  • Resistant to twisting and warping
  • Superior screw holding and nailing capacity
  • Easy workability
  • Seasoned and chemically treated timber used

Furniture, Partitions, Racks, Shelves, under layer for decorative

  • Finger Jointed
    Solid Wood
  • Prestige
    Block Board
  • Prestige
    Ply woods
  • Prestige
Our products are 100% treated with preservative chemicals